The reason to go skiing is to party - skiing itself is secondary!

Bundesliga Afterski

Did you miss the skiing season this year? Or did you take a look at Lust Jucie's crutches and decided to find a less dangerous sport? We got you - this year's CH3 birthday party will give you an opportunity to experience the best part of a ski holiday - an after-ski!

  • Food like the one you would wait for in a long queue at the restaurant at the top of Matterhorn.
  • Jägerbombs, Jagertee and Bombardino for the alcohol to warm you up after a long day in the snow.
  • The same bad music that you would hear at the bar at the bottom of the piste.
  • One difference? It's waaay cheaper!

So take your ski pants out of the closet, dust your goggles, and sin up for the best CH3 birthday party since 2022!

Frisky afterskiers

Date: 18-MAY-2024 18:00
Venue: Borgbjergsvej 30,1 , 2450 København SV - Rejseplan
Price: DKK 485

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