The Annual Tour de Jyllinge!

Please notify Just Finn if you plan to attend the Tour de Jyllinge 2024 event so his wife knows in advance how much bread and salad to prepare for the subsequent BBQ. The best way to do this is to sign up for the event on facebook (link is below). If you don't have facebook please notify Just Finn directly.

DETAILS: 2024-08-03 CH3 #2559 Tour de Jyllinge 2024

Time:           14:30 (Saturday)
Hare:            Spotty, Just Finn and "running co-hare to volunteer"
Location:     Just Finn and Spotty's humble abode in Jyllinge

Snekkevej 10
4040 Jyllinge

1.) Team up with somebody with a car as the start is 1.6 km from closest bus station (JyllingeCentret).
Alternative, bring a bike on S-train to Stenløse Station; then 9 km bike lanes to Just Finn's place.
2.) Expect 5 km walkers and 10+ km runners trail.
3.) Important to bring swim wear and dry clothes as we plan the usual cross-the-harbor swim.
4.) Bring own food and beverages for B&Q after the circle.
5.) Spotty's mum normally prepares bread and salad.
SO PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE EVENT (or notify Just Finn by other means)
6.) Won't guarantee water in the fjord is 24 as last year. But it's clean and the bottom is sandy.

The place is a 200 year old Danish style half-timbered farm with four wings with 6,000 m2 lawn down to the shore of Roskilde Fjord.


CH3 Tour de Jyllinge 2024 | Facebook 

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