Your subscription to the Hash is what keeps us in beer for the circle and also goes to support other activities of the club under the safe guidance of your mismanagement. 

You have three payment options:

  1. Annual Subscription
    999 DKK (payable in Q1)
  2. Quarterly Subscription
    299 DKK (payable in 1st month of the quarter - Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
  3. Per Run Fee
    50 DKK (payable to Hash cash at the run)

1st timers, visitors and virgins are Free

Please use our bank account for your payments:
Reg no 5332
Account no 0000246362

Per run fees are not transferable into subscriptions, you must decide at the start of the quarter or the year which way you want to pay.
If you expect to attend more than 6 runs in a quarter or 20 runs per year, you will be better off paying the quarterly or annual subscription up front.

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