CH3 2023 Fee Announcement 

Hi CH3 Hashers  

This is a notice to all active members that fees will increase from the 1st of Jan 2023. 

The new fees will be: 

999dkk for an annual subscription  

299dkk for a quarterly subscription  

Pay per run will remain the same at 50dkk 

Rationale for fee increase: 

  • The CH3 club fees have not risen since 1996 where they were increased from 800 to 888 following a train event which resulted in extraordinary expenses  
  • Inflation and the cost of important items such as beer have increased (inflation has increased 10% in DK this year) 
  • We have some very generous club hares who do not claim run expenses such as beverages, snacks, and flour. This adds an unknown level of subsidy to the club – we cannot rely of this from a budgeting perspective 
  • We are seeing larger number of attendees per run on average  

In addition to the reasons explained above regarding the increase in fees, the 2023 mismanagement would like to highlight that any additional funds that would be in credit to the account at the end of the year would be directly budgeted back into how much the Christmas Party will be subsidised for attendees.  

In accordance with the Copenhagen Hash House Harriers Bylaws (edition 2018) section 4 – “Fees are determined by the Mismanagement” and we hope that the club can understand the justification and necessity of this increase. If you have any questions, please direct your questions to  

Helpful maths for fee payment consideration: 

  • If you think you’ll participate in 20+ hash runs/walks in 2023 it is a better deal to pay the annual subscription 
  • If you pay per run and are attending more than 6 runs a quarter, you should seriously consider paying quarterly or annually 
  • There is a savings incentive (197dkk) to pay annually over quarterly if you are attending regularly. It makes managing the club books a lot easier.     
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