You are here: Welcome to Copenhagen's drinking club with a running problem!

Welcome to Copenhagen's drinking club with a running problem!

The Best CH3 in the world!!!


2021-01-30 CH3 2409
  Can be run from Saturday 12:00 to Sunday 18:00 (Saturday)
  Brøndby Stand st.
Corona Reesistant run

2021-02-06 CH3 2410
  Can be run from Saturday 12:00 to Sunday 18:00 (Saturday)
  Chunder Woman
  Værløse Station
Corona Resistant Run.

2021-02-14 RDH3 72
  from 10:00 (Sunday)
  Tureby Station, p-lot 100m south of the station
(Link to more info)
Turde du en tur til Tureby? - run between graveyards in Grevindeskoven.

The run will be about 15 km and properly covid-style - but since it's fastelavn, you can dress up as a freak and be rewarded with some baked goods, a hot drink and a cold beer - if you are at the very last part of the run between 12:00 and 15:00.

The run will be done contingency style. No warm food afterwards, but also no run fee!

Please run in small groups, preferably with people that already are part of your bubble.

Post a photo of yourself or of the trail to the Fb group or send it by email to flagpole (at) to get counted as having attended the trail.

2021-03-14 RDH3 73
  10:00 (Sunday)
  Mobile Dick
  Hillerød station, p-lot by the post office (to the left from the station exit)
(Link to more info)
6th anniversary!

CH3 starts Corona Resistant runs!

CH3 runs will recommence from 01 January, but they will be different from the runs you are used to as they will be Corona Resistant. CH3 events and organized on-ons are still on stand by.

Corona Resistant CH3 runs are done separately or in small groups with virtual circles on Sundays. See more on the run list on this page, on, or join the CH3-serious mailing list going to

Stay safe, stay healthy! On behalf of 2021 Mismanagement Her Holynose, GM

Corona Resistant Run Concept:

  1. The hare(s) will set a trail on a Saturday morning.
  2. The starting point and time will be announced on the CH3 Run List, in the Facebook group, on Meet Up and on the mailing list. Earliest start time is usually around noon on Saturdays.
  3. You will have approximately 30 hours to do the trail at a time that is convenient to you.
  4. The markings may not be refreshed, and you may get lost on trail. This is not a problem - you just make your own trail then.
  5. If you cannot make it to the official trail - e.g. because you are isolating, make your own trail and post about it on FB or on CH3 Serious mailing list.
  6. If you want to run in groups feel free to do so, as long as you adhere to government regulations.
  7. To be counted on the CH3 run list, you must post a picture to the CH3 Facebook group, or send an email to the CH3-serious mailing list. There will be no "chalk run sheets".
  8. We encourage making your own drink stops. Bringing a beer and/or maybe a shot of something stronger in your pockets is appropriate hashing behavior.
  9. There will be a circle online on Sundays at 18:00 using Zoom. You should bring your own beer or other drinks for the circle.

(normally) Copenhagen Hash House Harriers runs every week of the year, on Saturday afternoons in the winter (October to March) and Monday evenings in the summer (April to September)

Details of the next four runs are shown here, if you want to see more run dates, visit our Runlist.

Runs are usually held from an S-Tog station and easily accessible by public transport. You can get information on how to get there by using the Rejseplanen link on the run details.

If you are in town on a Friday night and want a beer then email the mismanagement (misman21(at) and they'll investigate and let you know where we're drinking that week.

You can also find us on Facebook, on Meetup, or check out our Instagram account.