2 persons in a cabin – dkr 1200 per person (one bedroom per person)
3 persons in a cabin – dkr 1000 per person (one bedroom per person)
4 persons in a cabin – dkr 800 per person (two have to share one bedroom – two others have their own)

Included in the price:

Alcohol is NOT included, but Kim will sell beer and wine at a favorable price, or you may bring your own. Bring your own sheets – or rent a set which includes two towels for dkr. 135,-

Itinerary for the weekend:

I do not intend to make an official trail for any of the days, - this is intended to be a "hygge weekend" with a long hike together. But those who want can do a run Sunday morning – I can lead the way.


By car:

I suggest we all do cars as the cost is reasonable if we fill them up. Suggest you take the ferry from Ystad to Rønne on Friday. Sunday I recommend we all take the ferry from Rønne to Køge – departure from Rønne at 1700 hrs and arrival Køge 2300 hrs, but its your own option. And the sooner you buy the ferry tickets, the cheaper they are.

By bus:

Take the Kombardo Bus from Copenhagen to Rønne and from there Bus 2 to the campground in Allinge.


Payment via Mobile Pay to 4089 0787 latest 1st August and an email to with following details:

Check out the location at