The 2023 Onslow Invasion, September 22-24 2023!
Onslow Exercise


On On to the high seas and the even higher trails in Norway!  The Viking Wankers are back on the invasion trail.  We set sail on the 22nd of September to pillage the Noggies and thanks to a mole at DFDS we have secured an excellent deal.

For the amazing price of Kr 566 (+ a box of wine to bribe the Noggies) per person you will get:

  • A cabin shared with three of your closest frenemies
  • A Friday evening dinner buffet incl. ship’s beer and wine ad libitum whilst you are dining
  • A breakfast buffet for both Saturday morning before the r*n and Sunday morning with the hangover
  • 4 drinks tickets for each night that are good for a glass of the ship’s beer or wine

This is a limited offer, we only have 4 cabins so this is only open to the first 16 to SINN UP AND PAY!!!

If you want to sail up and make your own way back that is fine but the price does not change.

Sign up is at CH3.DK same procedure as every year, fill in your details and receive the payment advice usual rules.

If more than 16 people sign up we will try and get extra rooms on the same terms although we cannot give any guarantees.

If you prefer to travel in style, have a superior cabin or even fly up, you are very welcome to do so but please sign up and let us know so we can tell the Noggies. There will be a box to check on the sinn up page.

The invasion is now fully booked!
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