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CH3-serious mailing list


The ch3-serious mailing list

Yahoo has decided to wind down their businesses and that means that our Yahoogroups will stop working by mid December 2020.

We have looked around and found a useful replacement: is created by the same guys who created the original yahoogroups so the principle will remain the same:

  • the group is for serious messages ie announcements of runs, parties, changes, invitations from other hashes etc
  • it is *not* for your ordinary Friday jokes - they can go to CH3 Harrumpph on Facebook
  • you can send your announcements/messages to and they will be forwarded to all members of the group
  • replies to messages from the list will only go to the original poster
  • if your reply is important, there is a link at the bottom of the mail which gives you the opportunity to reply to all members. DON'T ABUSE IT.

You sign up to the list by:

  • sending an email to (notice the + sign in the address) or
  • by filling in the form below

In both cases you'll receive an email that you need to reply to, and then you're all set.