CH3 -2500 Run and Party - 13th Aug

Hash NameHome HashDietary restrictionsPaid
Alligator DundeeCh3none1Paid
Miss Money PennyCH3none1Paid
Ib von TäinenMostly Harmless H3??? 1Paid
Lust JucieCH3 / Copenhagen Renegade H3No liquorice 1Paid
DotCumCopenhagen H3None1Paid
Longshanks Hamburg H7none1Paid
CodpieceCopenhagen Howlin Hash House HarriersNo space weevils!1Paid
Oh My Dog!CH3N/AXLCotton 1Paid
Stains the SheetsTHE CH3NopeLSynthetic 1Paid
Fanny ChillCH3NoneLCotton1Paid
Fox PoxCopenhagenNoneMCotton1Paid
VikingNH4/H4/CH3Cheese is no goXXLPoly cotton1Paid
Little Sperm MaidCopenhagen H3VegetarianLYou choose1Paid
Smoking Footsie Petaling Hash House Herriettes - PH3No meat, seafood okMCotton -
Not applicable Pedaling Hash House Harriers - PH3Not applicable XL Cotton-
Soaked ArseÅrhusNoLargeClothes please1Paid
Harry Potter Copenhagen NoneXlAny1Paid
ThunderPissCopenhagen Viking Wankers Hash House Harrier Yes2XLCotton1Paid
CaptainTrinidad and Tobago NoMediumSynthetic sport fabric 1Paid
BigglesCH3Unlimited beermpolyester - not cutton1Paid
E.T.Space H3 - from another planetVegetarian space foodsNot cutton - polyester or space made1Paid
WhamCopenhagen OmniworeXxlSport1Paid
Poison ArrowCH3None Mediumsynthetic Sport fabric1Paid
OdenCH3NoneMedium Cotton1Paid
SallyWhacker CH3ShellfishMTech/sports1Paid
Ms. Piggy CopenhagenNonMNon1Paid
Burning BushCH3noneXL?1Paid
RockyCH3 NoneXLCotton1Paid
No NameCH3nonelargenice1Paid
Red Carpet Copenhagen H3Lots of wine MWhatever 1Paid
Peter J. BangCH3NoneMediumThe usual1Paid
Cathy Schlicht-BangCH3NoneLargeThe usual1Paid
Just ClaudioCopenhagenNoneLcotton if possible1Paid
Just FinnCH3-mediumcotton1Paid
Just DutchCH3 NoneMSynthetic1Paid
Kim Hartung JørgensenCH3NoneSSynthetic sport1Paid
Helle Hartung JørgensenCH3NoneLSynthetic sport1Paid
Melon CH3All the beerLargeCotton 1Paid
Party PenisCH3Gluten freeMSport1Paid
Yark SuckerBMPH3NoneLargeSport1Paid
FlagpoleCopenhagen Viking WankersNo peppers or shellfishMCotton1Paid