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SUMMERHOUSE WEEKEND 13th - 15 Aug 2021

Hash NameHome HashDietary restrictionsAre you bringing a tent and sleeping in the garden or would you like an indoor bed
Triple DickheadCopenhagen Viking WankersNoneIndoor please-
Joint VentureCopenhagen Viking WankersVegetarianIndoor please-
RongjohnGypsies in the Palace H3NoneIndoor please-
C A LapsoThis oneNoneIndoors like a human being -
Fanny Chill CH3 NoneHouse-
Groin BiterMERMAID H3Veggie Tent-
Hanseatic SlutFrankfurt H3NoneTent-
Fishermen's FriendCopenhagennotent-
PlasteredKL HarriettesNopeIndoors please-
Fox PoxCopenhagen Viking WankersVegetarianTent-
ThunderPissCopenhagen Wiking Wankers Hash House Wankers NonschrimpsBed in House with DoggyBaxk-
DoggyBagCopenhagen Wiking Wankers Hash House Wankers Eating everythingBed in House wwirh Thunder-
Mr.PeTiTCH3Food aka meatIndoor-
Lust JucieCH3No liquorice Tent-
Stains the SheetsTHE CH3MeatatarianTent -
Loping scrotumCH3NoneIndoor please-
Shut Up & Bend Over München Full MoonVegetarianTent-
Ib von TäinenCopenhagen Hash House HarriersWhat's that?Indoor bed-
BigglesBH4noneIndoor bed-
WHAM!CH3OmnivoreBringing tent-
OdinCopenhagen H3nonea place indoor, please-
Mr BlowjobCH3NONE - God damn it!Indoor bed-