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SUMMERHOUSE WEEKEND 13th - 15 Aug 2021

Hash NameHome HashDietary restrictionsAre you bringing a tent and sleeping in the garden or would you like an indoor bedPaid
Triple DickheadCopenhagen Viking WankersNoneIndoor please1Paid
Joint VentureCopenhagen Viking WankersVegetarianIndoor please1Paid
RongjohnGypsies in the Palace H3NoneIndoor please1Paid
C A LapsoThis oneNoneIndoors like a human being 1Paid
Fanny Chill CH3 NoneHouse1Paid
Groin BiterMERMAID H3Veggie Tent1Paid
Hanseatic SlutFrankfurt H3NoneTent1Paid
Fishermen's FriendCopenhagennotent-
PlasteredKL HarriettesNopeIndoors please1Paid
Fox PoxCopenhagen Viking WankersVegetarianTent1Paid
Mr.PeTiTCH3Food aka meatIndoor1Paid
Lust JucieCH3No liquorice Tent1Paid
Stains the SheetsTHE CH3MeatatarianTent 1Paid
Loping scrotumCH3NoneIndoor please1Paid
Shut Up & Bend Over München Full MoonVegetarianTent1Paid
Ib von TäinenCopenhagen Hash House HarriersWhat's that?Indoor bed1Paid
BigglesBH4noneIndoor bed1Paid
WHAM!CH3OmnivoreBringing tent1Paid
Mr BlowjobCH3NONE - God damn it!Indoor bed1Paid
HazukashiiVagabondI eat all sorts of dead thingsIndoor bed please1Paid
Red CarpetCopenhagen H3Need WineTent1Paid
Just HelenCH3NadaHappy to sleep anywhere, my tent might have arrived by boat by then.1Paid
UrineTroubleCH3Vegetarian beerTent1Paid
Swallows in 5CPHVegansk tak :) *insert woke emojiTent1Paid
Burning BushCh3nosleeping indoor1Paid
Slippy noStockingsFrankfurt H3NoneTent/Garden1Paid
Pasta In My PantsBella Napoli H3NoneTent/Garden1Paid
Party PenisCH3Gluten freeTent1Paid
Just Shelby Homeless-PragueNoneIndoor bed please, flying in from Prague1Paid
Just AlineCopenhagenNoneNo tent but sleeping outside1Paid
Slippery when wetCopenhagen hash house harriersLiver Tent1Paid
Poison ArrowCopenhagen Hash House HarriersnoneI will bring a tent1Paid
FlagpoleCopenhagen Renegade H3veggie, no bell pepperstent1Paid
Crack One Ch3NoTent1Paid
Escort RequiredCopenhagen Renegade H3NoneTent-
Harry potterCopenhagenNoneIndoor-
Longshanks Hamburg H7none tent-