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CH3 Christmas Party 2021

Hash NameHome HashVegetarian/Vegan/AllergiesPaid
Her HolynoseCopenhagen H3Omnivore1Paid
Ib Von TäinenCH3What on the Table 1Paid
Lust JucieCH3No liquorice1Paid
Captain ShitshowCopenhagen hash house harriersN/A1Paid
Oh My Dog!CH3No allergies1Paid
Fanny ChillCH3none1Paid
OdinCopenhagen CH3NO1Paid
DoggyBagCopenhagen Wiking Wankers Hash House HarriersEat everything 1Paid
ThunderPissCopenhagen Wiking Wankers Hash House Harriers Drinking Walkers ClubNo shrimps and lobsters1Paid
Party PenisCH3Gluten free1Paid
Triple DickheadCH3No1Paid
Joint VentureCH3Yes1Paid
Lille OleCH3No1Paid
Crack One Ch3No1Paid
Stains the Sheets Den Aegte CH3Nej1Paid
PepperRonniCh3Eats everything1Paid
Mobile DickCh3No1Paid
Red Carpet CH3Whatever 1Paid
Poison Arrow CH3Omnivorous 1Paid
.CumAh3N/A 1Paid
Fishermen's FriendCopenhagenPescatarian1Paid
CodpieceCopenhagen Howlin' H3None!1Paid
Woodstock the BirdCopenhagennone1Paid
Just AlexCopenhagen None 1Paid
Not The Nine O Clock NewsCH3veg1Paid
PlasteredKLH3Prefer glutenfree1Paid
ThirStigNo hash at homeAllergic to alcohol1Paid
Urine Trouble Ch3Vegetarian 1Paid
Against NatureCH3Nope1Paid
Just KarenCH3Nut allergies1Paid
Just FinnCH3nope1Paid
Mr BlowjobCH3NEJJJJJ!!1Paid
Pussy Banger Buenos Aires None 1Paid
Burning BushCh3No1Paid
Julius PalssonCopenhagen hash House X1Paid
Jan StærhVopenhagen hash House X1Paid
DisgustiNorth Atlantic Whale Eaters H3NO1Paid
Speedy BumpCPHnoj1Paid
Swallows in 5CopenhagenVegan1Paid
Took it like a champCh3None1Paid
Just Bitten CH3No1Paid
Chunder WomanCH3N/A not eating1Paid