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2018.09.21-23 - Onslow Invasion

On on to Oslo! "What goes up, keeps going up!"

It's high time Denmark got Norway back, and you can contribute by joining this year's Copenhagen Viking Wankers' Onslow Invasion!

How to get there?

Luxurious DFDS Cruise Liner:

Departing CPH harbor (Nordhavn) Friday September 21st at 16:00

Arriving CPH harbor (Nordhavn) Sunday September 23rd at 10:00

What happens in Oslo?

Noggies pick us up at the boat Saturday at 10:00. They transport us to run site. We run (usually uphill, walkers' trail available), we eat, we drink, we have fun...

Drop off at boat before 16:00 (boat leaves 16:15).

What will it cost me?

450 DKK per person interior 4 person cabin (will try to negotiate quantity discount) - the allocation of cabins will be decided by the invasion junta.

+ 275 DKK if you choose to buy the Friday evening buffet and eat together with the others (usually most of us do so).

Additionally you will need to bring a 3 liter box of wine to pay the Noggies for their event expenses (transport, food/drink...that ain't cheap in Norway!) - you will be informed closer to the departure whether you should buy a box of red or white.


What if I don't want to share a cabin?

You can choose to book cabins yourself, but you still must sign up so that the Noggies know how many are coming. If you choose this option, then you need to:

- sign up and reply "no" to the question "Do you want to be in the shared cabins?" (you need to sign up because we need to tell the Noggies how many are coming),

- book and pay for the cabin directly with DFDS, and if you want to have buffet dinner on Friday, then book and pay for it directly to DFDS as well,

- if you want to eat with the rest of the pack on Friday night, then you need to give your booking number to Stains The Sheets so that he can include you in the table booking - no later then by August 18th!

- buy a box of wine as advised by Stains The Sheets


Deadline for registration is Saturday August 18th

Please be informed that DFDS has a policy against bringing your own alcohol on board.