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Dear Hashers

As you are aware your subscription to the Hash is used to provide beers for the circle and to support activities of the club for all members, naturally your Mismanagement has to keep an eye on the finances to make sure that the the beer doesn't run out.

Recently we have been receiving a number of frequent visitors, people who do not run enough to qualify as an "out of the loopster" but are definitely more than just guests and as such we feel they should make some contribution to the costs of the club.

We have also been looking at the out of the loopster membership and feel that this is no longer required. This category of member was originally created to allow non-active members to keep in touch and receive regular mailings and information, in the time when these were sent via the postal service, and also as their contribution on the odd occasions when they could attend a run. As we no longer use the post and all communication and information is sent via the website and email we felt that this category of member is now redundant.

Therefore, as from January 2010, we will be changing the payment options for participation in the Hash. The "out of the Loop" option will be discontinued and replaced with a 50 DKK per run charge collected by the Hash Cash at each run. This will apply to former out of the loopsters and frequent visitors.

The option of paying annually or quarterly by bank transfer will remain and will be maintained at 888 DKK and 222 DKK, respectively. Please note that run fees will not be transferable into subscriptions, you must decide at the start of the quarter or the year which way you want to pay, so if you expect to attend more than 5 runs in a quarter or 23 runs per year, you will be better off paying the quarterly or annual subscription up front.

Copenhagen Viking Wankers
Mismanagement 2009-2013

Payment options in brief:
(commencing 1st January 2010)

Annual Subscription
: 888 DKK (payable in Q1)
Quarterly Subscription: 222 DKK (payable in 1st month of the quarter - Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
Per Run Fee: 50 DKK (payable to Hash cash at the run)

1st time visitors and virgins: Free

Please use our bank account for your payments:
reg no 5332 account no 246362

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